Bottles Banned at Some PSU Tailgates

Before you crack open a bottle of cold beer outside of Penn Sate football games this season make sure you look where you're standing.

Tailgaters who like drinking in the grass parking lots before cheering on the Nittany Lions will need to leave the glass home, according to a new Penn State policy.

A new "safety" policy announced Monday bans glass bottles from PSU field lots.

And it wasn't just a ban on drinking beer from the bottle. Pouring the contents of a bottle into a cup is a no-no now. Bottles won't be allowed anywhere in the grass lots, even if they're empty and in a recycling bag, according to the policy.

Violators could face up to a $300 fine, University Park police told the Patriot-News.

Tailgaters parked on concrete will still be able to drink from glass because the rule applies only to the grass lots.

Despite the lack of good a.k.a. glass liquor bottles, wine bottles and many microbrews from the grass lots this season, some tailgaters who see the safety concern welcomed the policy.

It's a safety issue for children, students and animals that use the field the rest of the year, officials said.

So if you find yourself in Happy Valley this football season make sure you look where you are before you crack open that bottle.

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