NJ Girl Charged Over Racist Tweet

A Glassboro High School student has been charged with harassment for a tweet she allegedly posted while sitting in algebra class.

The sophomore girl is accused of taking a picture of two African American students, writing a racist remark, and posting it on twitter.

The tweet was posted for just over a month before being noticed last week. It was first reviewed by a guidance counselor and a school police officer, who then alerted detectives.

NBC10's Monique Braxton showed the tweet to the head of the NAACP in Gloucester County, Loretta Winters. "When I first saw it, my heart just dropped, it was like it skipped a beat, it was horrible."

The school won't be taking any action until after an investigation is complete, according to a statement released by Glassboro School Superintendent Dr. Mark J. Silverstein. "Allegations of this sort are something we take seriously and that is why an investigation is ongoing. The appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is complete."

The charges were filed this week. If convicted of harassment, a judge would determine the teenage girl's punishment.

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