New Years Eve Drinks

Courtesy Marcie Spampinato

Make Your Champagne Fancy For New Year's Eve
Rimmed in pop rocks, infused with pomegrantes and rose petals, floating edible glitter, and mixed with lime infued vodka and cranberries (all that can also be done with sparkling white grape juice)

New Year's Eve Champgane Cocktails...
- sparkling red infused with rose petals and pomegrantes (it's called rose regale)
- frexinet blanc de blanc with mango nectar rimmed in strawberry pop rocks
- frexinet blanc de blanc infused with lime flavored vodka and fresh cranberries
- brut frexinet with floating edible glitter
(all of these can also be made with sparkling white grape juice or sparkling cider)
A Twist on Bloody Mary
- 2 ounces southern comfort fiery pepper
- squeeze fresh lemon and fresh lime
- cracked black pepper
- dash worchestershire
- dash wasabi
- dash olive juice
- dash siracha hot sauce
- tomato juice

Rim in a mix of salt, pepper, celery salt, garlic salt
Garish with lemon, lime, olive, celery stalk, cucumber and shrimp cocktail!

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