Neighborhood Helps Man Buy New Decorations

Collegeville resident George Bartholomew is having a very Happy Halloween thanks to the kindness of his community.

Bartholomew, 77, is known for his elaborate Halloween decorations that entertain hundreds of kids in his neighborhood each year.

Unknown culprits stole those decorations on Wednesday, Oct. 20. When the kids and their parents heard about the massive theft, they banded together and donated money to George.

The kids also made signs that read, “please don’t steal these” which George displayed on his front door.

Bartholomew also received a $100 gift card from Lowes. The card and the donations will be enough for him to replace the $1500 worth of stolen items.

“The neighbors are great,” said Bartholomew. “I would have never thought they would do it. I want to thank them a million times.”

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