Nazareth Teen's a National “Hottie”

Paul Garzillo's on Seventeen mag's Hot Guy Panel

Want to know what's going on inside the head of your 17-year-old boyfriend?

Paul Garzillo will tell you -- well, he'll at least tell you what he thinks.

The Nazareth High teen is one of 18 hotties chosen to serve on Seventeen magazine's Hot Guy Panel.

In his new gig, Garzillo will give dating advice to his female counterparts as they attempt to traverse the treacherous road through teenage love.

Garzillo says he's just a normal teen who runs track and hangs out with his friends. But his sister Brittany saw that his good looks could work to his advantage.

"Over the summer I realized that Paul was a pretty hot item," she said. "When we'd go into New York City, he gets noticed and I figured he'd be perfect."

So his big sis took his picture and sent it up to the magazine -- hoping he'd get discovered as a "hot guy."

"I really don't think too much about myself about that, but I like that other people do," Paul said.

Yea, who wouldn’t. He also likes when girls "show a little rough stuff" and hold "Paulie Pamper Nights."

"There is definitely, definitely a lot more to Paul than looks," says girlfriend Sarah Kate Young.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

"He's really honest and so sweet and kind and caring."

No word on what she thinks about her man dishing his thoughts to scores of enamored girls, but he's hoping the gig will take off.

"Dr. Phil, I'm gonna take your job," he said.


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