Karaoke Week: Sing Badly Here

We’ve all done it. Tipped a few back and suddenly became convinced that we are the best singers in the world and a crowded room of strangers is just dying to hear us sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or “Living on a Prayer.”

So for all of you secret and semi-professional karaoke singers: This week’s for you.

The last week of April has been designated “National Karaoke Week,” and in honor of all of you tone-deaf crooners, here is a list of the best places to sing your little heart out to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and the like. Just don’t bring a friend who can really sing. That’s so annoying.

The following are good local bars that have karaoke regularly. But bars can be fickle with scheduling– make sure to call ahead and inquire about their bad public singing nights:

Yakitori Boy is the karaoke lovers haven all nights of the week. Sing for free at the bar or rent a private room with your friends so you can humiliate yourself behind closed doors.

Sundays: McGillin’s Olde Ale House – 1310 Drury St.

Mondays: Upstairs at the Khyber -- 56 S. 2nd St., and M-Room – 15 W. Girard Ave.

Tuesdays: National Mechanics – 22 S. 3rd St., and Liberty Bar -- 2204 Market St.

Wednesdays: McGillin’s again!;  Finnegan’s Wake – 547 N. 3rd St., and  Barristers  – 1823 Sansom St.

Thursdays: Doc Watson’s Pub -- 216 S. 11th St.

Fridays: Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar – 1200 East Passyunk Ave.

Saturdays: South Philly Bar and Grill – 1235 East Passyunk Ave.

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