Name Your Own Cheesesteak at Jake’s

Mac Francis

Jake’s Philadelphia Cheesesteaks is giving you the chance to have your very own cheesesteak immortalized on their menu -- oh yeah, and free steaks for a year, too.

Jake's -- located on 16th and Chestnut Streets at Liberty Place in Center City -- will take submissions in-person through September. The Jake’s staff will then choose the five best entries -- based on taste, creativity and presentation -- and feature them on the menu during the entire month of October.

Anyone can visit the Jake’s Web site during October and vote on their favorite creations.

The winner will get the grand prize of free Jake’s cheesesteaks for a year. That's right -- not only will the winner's creation be added to Jake’s menu but they will also receive one free steak per week for an entire year.

Awesome -- 52 times over.

Jake's staff came up with the idea for the Name Your Steak contest after joking around and creating a few of their own special creations for the menu, said owner Gary Dorfman.

“The staff and I were just kind of messing around and coming up with these crazy new sandwiches when we thought, ‘hey, why not let a customer come up with a new one?’” said Dorfman. “So then we put out a sign with our new sandwiches on display and left the fifth spot blank.”

That fifth spot belongs to the winner of the contest.

“We’ve already received a bunch of good ones, like the ‘Philabuster’ and the ‘No Shame,’ which is loaded with cheese and mayo and all that good stuff,” Dorfman described.

Submit your own crazy entry at Jake’s and who knows -- your steak could end up on the menu.

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