Mummers Money Woes

City Hall makes more cutbacks on Mummer's Parade funding

Because of the budget crisis (the city of Philadelphia is facing at least a $1 billion deficit over the next five years), Mayor Michael Nutter announced the city could not give the Mummers the $300,000 it usually provides for prizes.

And now, there is more bad news. The city said Thursday it has to cut back on the money it provides for day of parade services.

Due to the city’s budget crisis, the mayor’s office says it can no longer afford to fully fund the Mummers Parade, saying it can dedicate $300,000 -- about half of what it gave last year to day of parade services.

“That number ultimately was $300,000 of in kind services for police, fire for the parade and we have asked the Mummers to modify their parade route or distance,” mayor’s spokesman Doug Oliver said.

So, the city says the Mummers have to shorten their parade route and/or cut down on its length.  Either way they will have to pay anything above $300,000.

Some mummers say it will be tough to shorten the parade with so little time until new years day.

Tom Bezanis, who is with the Greater Kensington String Band says the idea of paying money out of their pockets, when they already pay for their elaborate costumes, is tough to fathom.

“I can’t see us coming up with the money to fund the parade that’s making the city a fortune, so that’s as far as I’m concerned,” said Bezanis.

The city and the Mummers are expected to sit down and discuss the issue within the next few days.

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