Keep Your Grill Gassed up!

Gas Watch Propane Monitor

If you've ever been grilling for friends or family and emptied your gas tank mid-burger, you'll appreciate the GasWatch Propane Level Indicator and Safety Gauge.

For less than $20, the fits-most-grills appliance connects between the gas tank and the regulator, clearly displaying the propane left until a refill is needed.

When the needle falls to red, grillers can expect another 15 minutes of cooking until total flame out. The method is reportedly more reliable than the magnetic tank gauge method that involves pouring hot water down the side of the tank and reading a temperature-sensitive ink spot.

Additionally, if the GasWatch gauge senses a leak, it shuts down the flow of propane to keep the grill from catching fire.

July 4th is behind us, but there's lots of grilling left in the season. Pick up a GasWatch propane gauge at a local Home Depot or hardware store, or buy one online at

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