Chicago – A Great Place to Visit

Philly cheesesteak

Image via WikipediaYou all know that I am Philadelphia native all my life, and I love our city, but I have a secret to admit. I love Chicago too - maybe because it reminds me so mch of home.

People in Chicago have the Cubs & The Sox instead of the Phillies, but they love and hate them the same way we do. Their Bears break easily as many hearts as our Eagles, and their fans react just as we do.

Their pizza may be a little chunky, and their Beef sandwiches aren't the same as a cheesesteak, but they're certainly good eating, and there's no shortage of good places to eat in this town.

But the people here are my favorite. They are kind, warm and funny and as good a group to hang out with as you'll find in South Philly or the Northeast. And they don't even laugh when I call their downtown Center City.

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