Can You Save the Planet When You Mow Your Lawn?

The Lehr Eco Trimmer -- Propane-powered garden tools

Motorized garden tools come in two varieties -- gas-powered and electric-powered.

If you take a close look, however, you'll notice that professional landscapers and gardening experts almost always choose the gas-powered types. This is because gas-powered garden tools both outperform and outlast their electric counterparts.

On the downside, they're an environmental nightmare.

According to the California Air Resources Board, a typical 5-horsepower, gasoline-powered lawnmower produces more pollution in 60 minutes of operation than a Toyota Prius produces in 800 miles of driving.

The environmental pollution created by lawn care products is one of the reasons why the Eco Trimmer by Lehr

is getting such good buzz. As the first propane-powered garden tool, the Eco Trimmer combines the lawn care power of a gas-powered tool with the environmental accountability of an electric one.

The propane-powered tool emits 96 percent fewer carcinogens than a gas-powered tool and is completely non-toxic to ground and soil. Its performance is highly-rated, too.

The Eco Trimmer sells for about $200 on

and is available in most major hardware stores. You can read more about the product and its environmental impact at the official Lehr website.

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