Move Over Cheesesteaks, It's Barbecue's Time to Shine

New barbecue spots open up in Philly

Philadelphians have very passionate opinions on, well, everything, but nothing really sets us off like food.

Where to get the best cheese steaks -- Pat's, Geno's or neither -- or whether you can find decent pizza here -- You can! You can't! You will be able to once Stephen Starr gets into the pizza game! -- are just a few of the culinary subjects which we love to debate ourselves into a lather over.

Barbecue has never really  been one of them - there just haven't been enough places around to generate much of an argument. It looks like that's all about to change with the arrival of several new spots around town. Old City's Philadelphia Fish and Co. threw its seafaring concept back in the water in favor of 'cue, transforming itself into Q BBQ and Tequila Bar; Holy Smoke set up shop in Roxborough a few months back and infiltrating the center of the cheese steak stronghold, Bebe's Barbeque opened up smack in the middle of the Italian Market.

Add these to the well-received Sweet Lucy's in the Northeast and stalwart Phoebe's in G-Ho, and you've got yourself the makings of a smokin' hot debate. All you have to do now is sample them all.

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