More Snow Is “Just Something We Don’t Need”

A new storm should bring accumulating snow, but it's not expected to be major

Snowstorm - No More Snow
Phillip Thompson

Brace yourself -- yet another storm is on its way for our area and its set to bring accumulating snow.

This latest storm should arrive in our area Wednesday -- exactly one week after a blizzard crippled our area.

But unlike that Nor'easter, next week's system is moving down from the northwest. That will potentially limit the amount of moisture it can pick up and keep snow totals down, says meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.

"Coming down from the northwest like that, It's pretty difficult to get real big snowstorms. Not impossible, but difficult," Glenn said. "The storm would have to intensify tremendously for us to get a big snowfall."

While the storm is days away, computer modeling suggests anywhere between 2 and 10 inches could be added to our streets, yards and frayed nerves.

The snow left from the last storm is not expected to melt much so any new accumulation would just pile higher and create dangerous conditions once again.

"Even a few inches of snow on top of, lets say, some ice that's on the sidewalk or driveway, that could make things pretty dangerous," Glenn said. "It's just something we don't need."

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