More City Pools Open in Time for 4th

Twenty more city pools are set to open in the next few days, making all 46 that will be open for the season ready for the Fourth of July.

Thanks to a donation from local businesses and residents of  $429,141 from the “Splash and Summer Fund” to the city budget, 46 of the city’s 73 pools will be open this summer.

Before the donation was made, most of the city’s pools did not have funding to open.

Pool Openings:

Tuesday, June 30:
Belfield, 21st & Chew
Kendrick, Ridge & Pensdale
Gathers, 25th & Diamond
McVeigh, D & Ontario
Ford, 609 Snyder Ave
Shepard, 5700 Haverford Ave
Wednesday, July 1
Samuel, Gaul & Tioga
Morris Estate, 16th & Chelten,
Cecil B. Moore, 2020-50 W. Lehigh Ave
Waterloo, Waterloo & Cumberland,
Ridgeway, 12th and Carpenter
Thursday, July 2:
Lackman, Chesworth & Bartlett
American Legion, Torresdale & Devereaux,
Penrose, 12th & Susquehanna
Tustin, 60th & Columbia
Francis J. Myers, 58th & Kingsessing
Friday, July 3:
Piccoli, Castor & Cayuga.
Pleasant, 6750 Boyer Street
East Poplar, 800-842 N. 8th Street
Kingsessing, 50th & Chester

City Pools Already Open:

Fox Chase, 7901 Ridgeway Street
Feltonville,Ella & Wyoming
Awbury, Ardleigh & Haines
Athletic, 26th & Master
Cohocksink, Cedar & Cambria
Lee, 4400 Haverford Ave
Vare, 26th & Morris
Kelly,  4231 N. Concourse
Jardel, Cottman & Pennway,
Hunting Park, 1101 West Hunting Park Avenue
Francisville, Francis & Shirley
James Finnegan, 69th & Grovers
Max Myers, 1601 Hellerman Street
Vogt, Cottage & Unruh
Ziehler, B & Olney
Hillside, Fountain & Fowler
Cruz, 6th & Master
Christy, 56th & Christian
Mitchell,  Morell & Crown
Bridesburg, Richmond & Ash
Cherashore, 10th & Chew
Mander, 33rd & Diamond
Marian Anderson, 17th & Fitzwater
Cobbs Creek, Spruce & Cobbs Creek Parkway
Murphy, 4th & Shunk
Houseman, Summerdale & Godfrey

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