Money for Nothing and a Trip for Free?

Is this guy just trying to survive or simply scamming people?

Like lots of us, Brian Ammons is down on his luck. He's out of work and can't find a job. The New Jersey man wants to move his family to Houston, Texas where he has family, but doesn't have the cash. So Ammons has resorted to begging, but he didn't hit the streets, he hit the World Wide Web.

Some are suspicious of Ammon's motives. One person e-mailed Lu Ann Cahn and the NBC10 Investigators asking: "Have you heard of a guy from New Jersey? He has been posting all over the Internet. I think it should be looked into. I think he is scamming honest people out of their money."

Ammons insists this is no scam -- he's posted his financial statements online to try and prove it -- and is turning to the kindness of others as a last resort.

Ammons said some people have sent money while others have sent nasty comments about his blog. He thinks it's a new solution to an old problem.

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