Moby Won't Share Q-Tips

The Feast recently had the chance to catch up with electronic legend Moby, who is set to officially drop his impressive tenth studio release Departed later this month. In the above clip, catch the Grammy-nominated producer get down with our seven favorite questions in the latest edition of Sin City. (Tip: Turn up the volume on this one, as the soft-spoken musician is forced to compete with the cacophony of SXSW).

What do you crave most?
I guess, when I think about the 500 things that I crave, top of my list -- and not to sound too esoteric -- would be an understanding of the significance of human life. If we are alive for 50, 60, 70 years in a universe that is 15 billion years old and we are comprised of material that has been around for 15 billion years, to try to understand what -- if any -- meaning or significance human life might have.

Do you know your limits?
I have spent most of my life doing everything in my power to ignore my limits. I had decades and decades of excess -- excessive alcohol consumption, excessive drug consumption, excessive everything -- and the interesting thing is when I was a lot younger I could indulge in a lot of excess without consequences, and then when I got older the consequences caught up with me. So to answer the question "Do I know my limits," unfortunately, yes. I wish I was blissfully unaware of my limits, but, unfortunately, I know what they are.

What won't you share?
Honestly, I can't think of anything that I wouldn't share. I guess Q-Tips? Yeah, I wouldn't share Q-Tips and I wouldn't share Band-Aids. I mean I would share unused Q-Tips and unused Band-Aids, but like Q-Tips, Band-Aids, toilet paper, kleenex -- anything that is used to like soak up a effluvia I probably wouldn't share.

What makes you angry?
What makes me angry? A whole bunch of things make me angry. Top of my list would be anybody visiting cruelty on anyone or anything else that can't defend itself. Like a parent visiting cruelty on a child, someone visiting cruelty on an animal, a government visiting cruelty on its people -- basically what makes me angry is the victimization of people who cannot defend themselves.

If you were going to win a medal tomorrow, what would it be for?
If I was going to win a medal tomorrow, I guess it would be for being the most clueless public figure on the planet -- the most accidental, clueless public figure on the planet.

What great idea should have been yours?
I think I spent my entire life being inspired by other people's great ideas and paying homage to other people's great ideas, so I am not terribly proprietary when it comes to great ideas, and I don't really think I have had too many great ideas of my own. I can't think of a single great idea that should have been mine, because all I have done is kind of, like, bask in the reflective glory of other people's great ideas.

What has been on your to-do list the longest time?
What has been on my to-do list the longest time is to have, like, a committed grown-up relationship. It has been on my to-do list since I was about ten years old. I am forty-five years old now and for better or worse, I am still waiting.

Sin City is The Feast's signature interview series, wherein we get to know the city's characters in a biblical sense, by asking them seven very serious questions.

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