Missoni Match-Up: Free People v. Target

While Missoni for Target certainly has had tongues wagging since its release on Tuesday (the unprecedented demand for the line was enough to cause Target.com to crash throughout the day yesterday), the bargain-priced collab just can't stack up to real-deal Missoni pieces. At least, that's the opinion of Lana Thompson, the store manager at Free People's Suburban Square, Ardmore location: "The pieces I've seen from Target have a 'cheapness' to them, as you would only expect from the mega retailer," Thompson tells The Feast. "They ended up looking more cheesy vintage than classy vintage."

We admit, Thompson may be a bit biased, as Free People unveiled an online-only, 10-piece collection of vintage Missoni pieces on September 7, the collection marking the first time that Free People has dedicated a "Vintage Love" vignette solely to one designer label. But while Free People's launch may have been overshadowed by the Missoni x Target hype, and Free People's genuine, one-of-a-kind Missoni pieces are considerably more expensive than those from the Target collab (prices range from $728 to $1,098), it seems consumers still put a value on authenticity: six out of the ten vintage items have already sold. "What makes our collection stand apart from the new Target line is our pieces tell a story," says Thompson. "[Our] line shines above as a true vision of the Italian design house."

If Free People's Missoni line is out of your price range, we regret to inform you that there aren't many options remaining for the chevron stripe-obsessed: With the exception of a few stray bras and swimsuits, the majority of Target's bargain-priced Missoni collection is already out of stock, online and in Philly-area stores. "There wasn't much left when I finally got [to Target], and a friend of mine who was there when Target opened said it was all gone within 30 minutes!" Thompson says. Adding insult to injury, wily shoppers are selling Missoni x Target items on eBay, at an average mark-up of five times the original retail price.

Our advice? Go ahead an invest in a true Missoni piece if you can afford to, but resist the lure of the Missoni x Target eBay hysteria -- your dignity (and bank account) will thank you.

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