Shell-Shocking Beauties in Ocean City

The 37th Miss Crustacean Pageant took place on Wednesday, August 5 in Ocean City, N.J. Check out the beauties and see who took home the coveted title.

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This hermit really came out of its shell to win the title of Miss Crustacean 2009 in Ocean City, N.J. on Wednesday.
Donald B. Kravitz
Grey's Crab Anatomy also received the coveted Cucumber Rind Cup, which represents a year's supply of free food for this talented little crab.
Donald B. Kravitz
Check out Miss Crustacean's digs -- The O. C-eattle Grace Hospital. When not "practicing medicine," Grey's Crab Anatomy resides in Mohnton, Pa.
Check out this hard-shelled beauty as she struts her stuff (and her crown) for her fans.
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Princess may be a little crabby after being named second runner-up.
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Crab Hula helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hawaii AND a second place win in the Commercial Division.
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This King Crab might have its thrown, but not the Crustacean crown.
These two aren't crabby, they're proud of their pets and of their hard work.
It was a battle 'til the end, but this hermit-bot couldn't take down Batman in the claw race. Batman was handed the King of Klutz plaque and dubbed the fastest hermit in the universe.
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