Ming's House of Noodles: More Than Mere Noodles

From the moment you walk into Ming’s House of Noodles you’ll notice something different, from the atmosphere to the freshly prepared food. Ming’s is low-key Asian; there are touches of Chinese decorations, but the design remains elegant and exotic, with gold painted walls and dark wood wainscoting.

Every Chinese-American meal, of course, begins with fried wonton, but Ming’s takes this tradition to another level with homemade noodles that are delightfully light and crispy. You’re sure to go through at least two bowls with duck sauce before the entrees arrive.

The spring rolls are thick and packed with fresh veggies, and the wonton soup is crammed with noodles stuffed nicely with pork and accented with chopped scallions.

Main courses at Ming’s offer traditional Chinese American favorites with some Korean dishes mixed in. The Spicy House Special Vegetarian Delight is filled with fresh broccoli crowns, lo mein noodles, carrots, water chestnuts, chili peppers, tofu and seitan. If you like hot, you’ll be pleased with this dish. The Vegetable Chow Mein is nicely prepared with lots of onions, bean sprouts and cabbage, but lacks the important color and flavor splashes of broccoli and carrots.

Ming’s wait staff is super-attentive, constantly checking on you: “Do you need more water? More tea or more rice?” They check on these things and replenish without you ever having to ask.

But the best part about Ming’s has to be the price. For an intimate and elegant dinner, you won’t have to spend more than $30, and for a quick lunch, less than $6. Now that’s how to have a Happy Chinese New Year.

Ming’s House of Noodles
121 South York Road, Hatboro, PA

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