Mike's Seafood Shack: There's More Fish Here than in the Atlantic Ocean!

Mike’s Seafood Shack sits on a very large deck. The deck is decorated with dozens of picnic tables of various sizes and is protected by a tent above, should inclement weather pose a problem. The setting is extremely laid-back and there isn’t even “real” table service. Instead, every table bears a number, and when you’re ready to order, simply walk to the front, place your order (and pay) and one of the workers will bring the food out when it’s done. This method ensures faster turnover for the massive crowd usually standing in line waiting to get in.

So why the long lines? It’s the food of course! Shellfish at Mike’s come in bulk, and in many different varieties. Steamed clams, mussels, gulf shrimp, crab legs (Dungeness, Snow, Alaskan King), and lobster are among the hundreds of choices on this menu. The steamed clams, a house favorite, are served hot in an addictive garlic butter sauce in denominations of 12, 25, 50, or 100. (Get at least 25, they go quick! $13.00) All the crab legs are very tasty as well, steamed in a butter and Old Bay sauce ($17). Don’t forget to try the shrimp as well, which come steamed in Bianca (white wine), Sicilian (marinara), and Jamaican (spicy jerk).

There are a plethora of combo platters and specials as well, some of which change daily. One popular dish is the lobster special, served only on Thursdays. This includes two whole (1.5 lb.) steamed lobsters, two ears of corn, and a slew of potatoes ($40). A great deal considering it more than enough food to feed two (sometimes they keep this special on the menu other nights of the week).

The massive menu even has traditional items, such as eggplant parmesan, hamburgers, and chicken fingers.

Mike’s Seafood Shack may seem a bit overwhelming, but there is truly something for everyone. So grab a six-pack (they will put it on ice), relax, and enjoy the summer breeze at Mike’s.

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