Michael Cera's Coming to Town & You Pick Where

Voting open until Nov. 29

Local college students are battling it out to try and bring a Hollywood star to their hood.

It doesn’t matter if you were naughty or nice only that you voted online. In a genius marketing campaign a Tri-State Area school would get the chance to win an evening with Michael Cera.

“Party with Michael Cera and watch a free screening of Youth in Revolt at your college! Top College in each city wins!” exclaimed the Eventful posting. Other college towns battling it out for Cera included Chicago, Seattle and Boston.

What “Party with M.C.” means remained to be seen. But, since the boy who was once George-Michael Bluth has grown into man (he turned 21 in June) he could actually partake in some spirits -- who know maybe he would even take his turn at some drinking games.

Whatever he does partying with the student body he would at least show his new flick Youth in Revolt where he plays off his boyish persona with an anti-persona a la Fight Club.

So, students who want the anti-hero who has played everyone from Alexander Hamilton, to Paulie Bleeker to a “Superbad” Evan need to go online now to put their college on top.

The contest wasn’t reserved just to major universities like Villanova, Lehigh and UPenn. Students from lesser-known schools like Pennco Tech, Harcum College, DeVry, Valley Forge Christian College and the Talmudic Yeshiva of Philadelphia were all in the running.

But, as of Tuesday afternoon, the battle for Cera was a two horse race as Drexel and Temple battled it out on top as the only two schools with 1,000-plus votes.

Students at trailing schools shouldn’t fret. There is plenty of time to rally your classmates and put your school on top -- voting continues until Nov. 29. Good luck bringing Cera to you.

And, even non-students can vote even though all you 40-somethings out there shouldn’t expect to get in on the fun when the event happens.

Vote here now.

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