MIA Venue: What Concert Goers Need to Know

How to get in and out of the Made in America Festival

The Budweiser Made in America venue features three entrances/exits for ticket-holders to utilize during the two-day festival.

The main entrance is located on 22nd Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  Additional entrances – (marked ‘Exit Only’ on the venue map) on either side of the venue at 23rd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and 24th Street and Martin Luther King Drive at Eakins Oval – will be opened to facilitate easier access to the venue as needed.  The Festival is a rain or shine event; re-entry to the venue will NOT be permitted on either day.

Festival organizers stressed what items will and will not be allowed inside the venue perimeter.  Ticket-holders will be subject to searches and pat-downs before being permitted inside the venue to ensure the enjoyment and safety of everyone at the Festival. 

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