“Congratulations” If You Find the MGMT Van Today

Band to give lucky fans preview of new album

*UPDATE: The van will be at 1429 Walnut St. in Center City and the keyword is "surf bum," according to Where Is MGMT's Twitter. Also, they said to "bring an umbrella."

Like treasure hunts? And music? Well the two are blending together in Philly Friday for what will certainly be a good time.

Electro-psychedelic band MGMT has been leaking songs from their forthcoming album Congratulations for the past few days on their Web site. Well Friday in Philly they are going to unveil the entire new disc -- if you can find them.

The MGMTmobile (seriously that’s what they are calling it) will be capturing fans in the City of Brotherly Love Friday afternoon.

To be one of the first fans (18 and over) to appreciate Congratulations just answer the question, where is MGMT?

At 2:30 the band will release a clue on the Where Is MGMT Twitter feed. If you are one of the first six people to approach the guy with the MGMT flag (described as an over-eager intern by Prefix Mag) at the secret location and you know the password then you can get in the van.

But don’t think the MGMT flag guy will be in a famous place like Love Park or the Art Museum. The MGMTmobile was in New York Thursday and the clue they gave to fans was global coordinates that led fans to a street corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What happens once you’re in the van remains a mystery. The only certainties are that you need two hours to get driven around and that you will get to listen to the new album.

What should you expect if you get to listen to the disc?

"Some will hate it, and some will love it," singer-keyboardist Andrew Vanwyngarden told Rolling Stone. "We want to freak people out."

If you don’t get to “freak out” Friday don’t worry -- the new album drops April 13.

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