Men Charged for Beating Death of 90 Year Old

Two men have been arrested in connection with the September 2007 beating death of a 90-year-old Port Richmond grandmother.

Alice Thurnau was severely beaten and robbed in the 3300 block of Thompson Street (near Port Richmond home). The robbers only got away with a small amount of cash, according to Philadelphia Police.

Thurnau was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center in Bucks County in critical condition. She died a month later and the death was ruled a homicide last February.

31-year-old Charles Warenecki and 23-year-old Daniel Hart has been arrested and charged with the Murder of Thurnau.

Both suspects were arrested on Thursday night. Warenecki was already in jail for unrelated crimes, according to police.

A tip at the time that the men who beat Thurnau fled in a red Chevrolet Blazer helped lead to the suspects.

The pair is being looked at for several other crimes against the elderly in Northeast area, according to police.

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