Jon and Kate's Competition

Meet Philly's new reality TV couple.

If you are like so over Jon and Kate, maybe it's time to meet the Huffmans, Philly's newest reality TV couple. Bridget and Brendan Huffman hope to hit the jackpot with their prime-time debut. The Philly couple is one of nine in the reality series, "Here Come the Newlyweds," which starts Monday, May 25.

In the first episode, you get to meet the Huffmans and even watch the two play around a bit in bed (scene sounds G-rated) and talk about another couple on the show. Bridget sounds like unfiltered fun. She blurts out things like, "I'm not shallow. I just think people from the South are stupid," according to The News Journal.

Bridget and Brendan's Wedding

You can get a glimpse of these two before their prime-time debut. We found their wedding video on YouTube. They both grew up in the area and ran with the same crowd in high school then saw each other a few years later at a rock concert and have been together ever since. The wedding video led us to a lot more of their life online.

Brendan and co-founder Rob Rawlings have a Web series called  "Salt Pepper Ketchup." They sample the fare at food carts all over the city. Brendan's also a part-time student.

Bridget's Ultrasound?

Bridget's pregnant, which we also found out about on YouTube and Brendan's blog (where you can check out a clip from the TV show).

The way Brendan tells it, he and Bridget didn't have any TV aspirations, but their wedding photographer called to tell them the show was looking for interesting couples, according to the Journal story.

They pitched with a video, got a spot on the show and flew to LA for more than a month to shoot the series.

"Half of my time was spent trying to tamp down her freewheeling mouth and ways," says Brendan. "She has a history of unintentionally offending people."

Each week on the show, couples go through different challenges before voting one couple out of the house they all keep. Last season's winner walked away with $465,000, which is what the Huffmans are hoping to do.

And hopefully, the humor will outweight any humiliating moments.

"I hope it comes off as funny. I come from a big family and we get along by insulting one another. To me that just seems perfectly natural," Bridget said. She told the newspaper her father had these words of encouragement as she headed for Hollywood: "Whatever you do, don't be yourself."

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