McNabb Talks About His Double Bundle of Joy

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb's wife Racquel, a.k.a. Roxie, has given birth to twins, McNabb announced Wednesday during his weekly press conference at the Nova Care Complex. NBCPhiladelphia was first to break the story Tuesday.

The McNabbs (who were college sweethearts at Syracuse University) welcomed the twins -- a little boy and a little girl -- at some point Monday night into Tuesday morning, according to sources.

“I was able to be there which is obviously a memorable thing. One that, I think as a father, you want to be a part of. Being a part of that and being able to see your kids being born is a wonderful feeling,” said McNabb.

The newest additions to the McNabb family will join the McNabb's four-year-old daughter, Alexis and their two bulldogs, Diamond and Duce.

McNabb was back to work at his day job as Eagles starting quarterback Wednesday and talked about what it means to him to have a great family.

“No matter what happens out on the football field, you always know you go home to the loving individuals who love you for who you are…not what you do,” said McNabb.

The Birds take on the first-place New York Giants on Sunday.

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