Maybe McNabb Should Have Seen Philly Fans as “Big Brother”

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb should have talked to Phillies slugger Ryan Howard about how to view the die-hard Philadelphia sports fan.

As McNabb continues to whine about how he was booed on draft day and the times Philly fans weren’t so kind to him, Howard is lobbing out some stately advice to another Philly sports icon.

Just ask 76ers No. 1 pick Evan Turner about the guidance he got from the Big Piece. This is what Turner said Howard told him, according to the 700 Level:

"He said you gotta compare Philly to like a big brother…some days he's gonna like you and some days he might not like you, but he still loves you, and it's all about what you do and how you do things...but it's always having the support, no matter what."

Amen Ryan.

If D-Mac had just gone to Howard years ago he possibly could have avoided the seemingly more hate-than-love relationship with Philly fans.

Howard perfectly sums up what Philly fans expect of our beloved athletes. And it’s exactly what McNabb could have preached if he wasn’t so busy being on the defensive.

It doesn’t look like Kevin Kolb is having the same problems with the fans that McNabb once did so maybe he doesn’t need Howard’s sage-like advice but for the rest of the Eagles, 76ers, Flyers and Phillies should heed the advice of the big piece and start showing some love to big brother.

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