McGillin's Serves $1 Yuenglings

As part of an ongoing promotion dubbed "Throwback Tuesdays" at McGillin's Olde Ale House, each week the venerable bar will serve a single keg of one of your grandpa's favorite brews. None of this fancy craft brew made with honey and aged in whiskey barrels, these beers hallmark to a time when all American beer was thin, watery and cheaper than RC Cola, with manly names like Schlitz, Genesee and Narragansett. In celebration of this brilliant idea and because some of us at The Feast are just nostalgic SOBs, we offer this weekly primer on the throwback beer selection of the week, so you know just what's in store for you should you take McGillin's up on their offer.

Tonight's Beer: Yuengling Premium
Hometown: Pottsville, PA
Humble Origin: As Yuengling is fond of reminding us, it remains America's oldest brewing company, began in 1829 by German immigrants. In the late '80s, they reintroduced one of their old recipes, a lighter beer known as a lager, which quickly became their signature brew (hence, you can walk into any bar in Philly and ask simply for a "lager" and they'll know exactly what beer you're requesting). But their old mainstay was this Premium, an American Pilsner, which, sadly, only receives a C+/C from the snobby snobs at
'70s Era Branding: A working-man's brew with a hint of European flair. By the mid-'80s, they started combining 40% Premium and 60% Porter to produce their popular Black & Tan variety, the very concept of which plays off of European sensibilities.
Sample Commercial: Nothing like playing off the peculiarity of your own name, even if it seems to establish a new, unpleasant stereotype or two.
Tastes Like? As with all Yuengling products, eminently drinkable if a little bland. Perhaps best taken with salty foods to give your tastebuds something else to concentrate on at the same time.

Yuengling Premium available tonight at McGillin's for $1/glass, $5/pitcher, staring at 5 p.m. The throwback beer of the week will be announced on their twitter stream Tuesday mornings.

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