Wait…Nutter Preserving Jobs During Time of Budget Cuts?

During a time of budget cuts, Mayor Nutter will actually “preserve jobs.”

In early November, Mayor Nutter announced that the city of Philadelphia would experience some cutbacks including fewer programs, fire engines, libraries, pools and less snow removal. Also included in those cutbacks: slashing 220 current full-time city jobs and not filling 600 unfilled city positions.

But, things have changed. Instead of the original 220 city workers that were supposed to be let loose, only 145 city employees will find that pink layoff notice in their mailbox Friday, according to Doug Oliver. That’s 75 jobs saved, or “preserved.”

Even more, about 73 of the employees receiving a notice will be offered vacant jobs in other departments; many of them in the prison system and the new 3-1-1 nonemergency-call center, Philly.com reported.

How did this preservation happen? Some workers resigned or retired, departments were able to make other cuts to save jobs and some workers had the opportunity to take advantage of open jobs within their department, said Budget Director Steve Agostini. As a result of the city not hiring any new employees for several months, more unfilled positions were out there.

Read the article on Philly.com.

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