Mayer's “Belief” in Kid Guitarist

John Mayer had some “Belief” in the abilities of a South Jersey boy

A boy holding a sign asking John Mayer if he could play guitar on Mayer’s “Belief” was invited on stage by the musician Sunday night at the Wachovia Center.

The kid, identified simply at the time as “Austin,” broke it down with Mayer.

The preteen was actually pretty good and seemed to even impress Mayer. He was so good that Mayer even gave him the axe after the song.

“That was all I wanted when I was a kid,” Mayer said as Austin left the stage.

The whole thing was possibly an attempt by Mayer to work on his image following his racially-tinged comments in Playboy Magazine.

The boy’s rock star moment also hit a chord with Mayer’s fans that posted video of the performance all over YouTube.

It also made people wonder who Austin was. We here at NBCPhiladelphia even sent out a Tweet trying to find out his identity.

Luckily we found Austin. Turns out he is an 11-year-old Vineland, N.J. resident. 

Austin is set to perform with the guitar Mayer gave him on the 10! Show Thursday. Tune in to hear more from this amazing guitarist.

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