Matyson Tasting Teases Five Senses

Matyson has been hosting special tasting menus recently, one highlighting lobster, and then coffee. While those dinners might sound conventional, this weeks' offering really caught our attention. They're putting together a five-course meal that will highlight different human senses with each dish.

While it's easy to imagine the use of sight, taste, and smell in regards to food, teasing touch and sound is slightly more challenging, and the crew at Matyson has really gotten creative. The first course, which exercises your sense of touch will drop without any silverware, forcing you to use your God-given digits to pick up and handle the crispy pig tail. Your aural input will be stimulated by the second course, which features the crackle of sizzling baby rock octopus.

For $45, Chef Ben Puchowitz will serve the following:

Crispy pig tails, jalapeno corn muffin, coffee BBQ (Touch)

Sizzling baby rock octopus, potato, chorizo, piquillo peppers (Sound)

Herb crusted Ahi tuna, local beets, blood orange, saffron (Sight)

Braised veal cheek, celery root puree, kale, smoked rosemary (Smell)

Chocolate layer mousse cake, English toffee, raspberries (Taste)

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