Marlyn Schiff on Why Faux is Now Fab

All that glitters is not gold, but when it comes to costume jewelry, Philadelphians don't give a darn. Case in point: the ubiquitous baubles of local jewelry designer Marlyn Schiff. With her economically-priced costume jewelry selling out at popular Philly-area boutiques -- think J.Karma, Scarlet Fiorella, Verde, Skirt, Finer Things, and Vivi G -- the designer proves that affordability is one of the biggest buying trends among fashion-forward Philadelphians.

Here, The Feast stops by Schiff's Ardmore showroom, where the jewelry maven gives her take on the evolution of the Philly style scene, and reveals what prompted her to make the transition from fine to faux.

—Video by Max Tubman

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