Marilyn, Revisited

True movie stars, with their inhuman charisma and perpetually glowing sheen, seem to come from an altogether different galaxy than the rest of us, and certainly none more so than Marilyn Monroe, the original blonde bombshell who remains the premier pin-up icon of the American cinema. The question is, what sort of burden was that to have to carry? In Simon Curtis' new film, My Week With Marilyn, you begin to get a sense of an answer to that question. It's the true story of a young film enthusiast who wrangles his way to work with Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) on the set of his new movie, which just so happens to star the fetching Ms. Monroe (Michelle Williams), just as Marilyn attempts to embrace 'the method' to improve her considerable acting chops. Here, Curtis makes his pitch for the movie, which, largely due to Williams' brilliant performance, gives us some kind of inkling into the soul of a Hollywood staple.

Can you describe your film in a single tweet?
Young assistant director gets to meet Marilyn Monroe on his first film.

What's a good log line for the movie?
It's Almost Famous meets Lost in Translation.

If someone really liked this film, what three other films would Netflix recommend to them in their Netflix queue?
If someone were to like this, they would like The Prince and the Showgirl, Some Like it Hot, and Lost in Translation.

Should you drink before or after the movie?
Definitely after.

What should you drink?
Raise a glass of good champagne and toast to Marilyn.

Should you see this movie alone or with friends?
I think it's a perfect date movie.

My Week With Marilyn opens November 23.

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