Fun in the Sun

Beachstock 2010

Head to Margate on Saturday June 26 for what the city claims will be “the planet’s biggest beach party.”

Margate has dubbed this free party Beachstock, hoping it will create a sense of togetherness like a former “stock” did.

“We named this event Beachstock for a reason,” said Margate Business Association President Ed Berger in a press release. “Just like the many other events, it’s brought the community together, like its namesake did for an entire generation.”

The celebration begins at noon and runs until 10 p.m. behind the Margate Library between Granville and Huntington Avenues.

There will be live music by bands Sons of Jah and Danny Eyer, as well as other entertainment including line dancing, a treasure hunt, sand sculpting, games, lifeguard competitions and surfing lessons.

There will be plenty of food and beer, and at sunset you can relax and enjoy a movie.

“Margate has created what will be an amazing experience with something for everyone using the greatest natural resource we have: the sand and surf,” said Margate Mayor Michael Becker.

So enjoy the sand and surf and all the other activities Margate has to offer. Beach tags not required.

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