Make Us Pretty, Philly

We’ve been called the ugliest city, the fattest city and the unfriendliest city in past years. If this insults your civic pride, here’s your chance to redeem your city of brotherly love. Vote us pretty, Philadelphia.

Travel + Leisure Magazine is holding its annual survey for the No. 1 cities in America. With 30 cities listed, you can vote on any or all of them. Your priority of course is to vote for Philadelphia.

The survey has ten topics, ranging from the quality of night life to how functional the airport is. But the most important topic of course is the “People.” The survey asks you to rate, from a scale of 1 to 5, the citizens of the city on attractiveness, friendliness, intelligence, athleticism, diversity and style.

So it’s up to you Philadelphia. Do you want to spend another year bemoaning how unfair it is that nobody “gets us” or do you want to make sure we don’t end up at the bottom again?

And, who says you have to tell the whole truth? Maybe the high percentage of fat and ugly people in the random cross section of Philadelphians at jury duty the other day was just a fluke.

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