Make-Up Tips for Women Over 40

Courtsey of Jessie Powers of Make Up For Ever!

1. Complexion

a.   As we age our skin tends to lose moisture, I recommend to all my clients over 40 to bring that moisture back not only through their skincare practices but also by using a hydrating foundation.  (MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Foundation)

b.   The other change you want to make is how you apply the product.  Using a brush will actually highlight fine lines and enlarged pores, so to combat that you really want to be pressing the product into your skin using a sponge.

i. *Quick pro tip: Ever get frustrated when using a sponge feeling like all your product ends in the sponge?  Apply a primer to your sponge before using a foundation, that way your product won’t be absorbed. 

c.   The last point when it comes to your complexion is choice of blush.  When we are younger choosing highly contrasting products provides a fashion forward look, but as we age it actually looks dated.  So when looking for a blush, you want to look for soft shades of peach and apricot, and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. 


2.  Lips

a.   Many women complain that as they age their lips appear smaller, this is due in part to the breakdown of collagen, but also because the coloring of our lip line actually begins to fade.  What happens is that women tend to line their lips in further than their actual lip line, so to combat against this I tell women to apply foundation around their lips to neutralize the coloring.  When lining we want to look for where the lips stop protruding and use that as our guideline.

b.   I love using color on women in their 40s, but I think even more importantly is choosing the right texture.  A matte will again be too contrasting, and a gloss perhaps too youthful.  A satin finish will really compliment anybody. (MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick)


3.  Eyes

a.   The most important area of focus when it comes to your eyes would be your brows and lashes which tend to become more sparse as we age.  It’s important that we don’t stop grooming these areas.  When it comes to the brows, I recommend using a brow gel or powder as a liner can create harsh lines.  ( MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector).

b.   One other tip I mention to women over 40s is to change up the color of your eyeliner, again reverting back to the point about contrast a black might start looking a bit harsh against your skin.  Change things up and opt for a rich brown, taupe, navy, etc. 

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