Loving DeSean: Drops and All

Yeah, yeah, yeah -- Eagles fans have midnight green indigestion after the “Iggles” excruciating loss to Redskins in Landover on a chilly Maryland night. 

It’s all but over for the 8-6-1 Philadelphia Eagles’ playoff chances, but really Birds’ fans knew that anyway, after the Eagles finished in a tie with the hapless Cincinnati “Bungals.”

So, it’s time to look into the future -- no, that doesn’t include Donovan McNabb or Andy Reid talk -- the real future is a superstar in the making, DeSean Jackson.

What??? The same DeSean Jackson that dropped two potential game and season changing touchdown passes. Yup, that same guy (I bet, gasps of disbelief can be heard all throughout South Philly after that statement).    

Eagles fans have begged, cried and pleaded to Coach Andy Reid to get a No. 1 wide receiver since the departure of Terrell Owens. Whether they know it or not Jackson will be the star, the Pro Bowl wide receiver that they have craved.

He has the speed and quickness of a cheetah and the cockiness (if held in check) of a NFL superstar receiver. He’s the Birds’ leading receiver, has caught 60 balls and is on pace to have over 900 receiving yards this season. And, he’s just a ROOKIE.

He could and will be just the receiver Eagles have badly needed.

With any rookie, there will be growing pains. Yes, some of Jackson’s growth bumps couldn’t have come at a worse time. But at the end of the day, he is a rookie -- the youngest receiver on the team.

And, remember, he’s STARTING. Hey, everyone knows in Andy Reid’s world, rookies barely get on the field.

This kid must be special.

DeSean’s dropped balls were devastating to Birds’ fans everywhere. But, in total fairness he was the only receiver of the injury-depleted core able to get open at all. The Reggie Browns and Jason Avants of the world had no chance to get open yesterday with the lack of the Eagles’ running game (blame Andy).

Any honest Eagle lover knows Jackson, more often than not, can and will get open.

Jackson’s size, speed, and playmaking ability can be compared to star receivers Steve Smith and Santana Moss. Their rookie seasons were dreadful in comparison with the numbers Jackson has put up in his first year. And in fact, Jackson’s rookie season is already better than that of T.O.’s first year in the league.

So Eagles fans relax and realize what you have in "Action" Jackson. After all, he’s just 22 years old, filling the roll of most veterans.

So, give DeSean some Philly love, drops and all.

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