Save the Date: Bon Appe-Date

From the day we're born, we are all LOVE starved. It's the hunger that has us craving happiness. But before you can satisfy your appetite, you need to know what stimulates your palate.

This is when you find yourself standing in line at LOVE'S Buffet or participating in the dating version of Restaurant Week. Just remember, this one might last much longer than a week.

Maybe you're sampling from a variety of relationships that were nothing special and very bland. Perhaps they were a little spicy or simply too hot to handle, making it hard to savor the goodness. Some may not have agreed with you, leaving an unsettling feeling in your stomach. Others completely missed the spot leaving you yearning for another dish. Although you may feel you are so close that you can almost taste it, how do you know when you've had your fill?


By all means sample, sample, sample. But afterwards, give yourself some time to digest. Step on that Dating Scale and see how much you've gained. Become a critic and review your experiences. Use your gut as an indicator. Would you ever go there again? How were you treated? Did your experience leave a bad taste in your mouth or wowed you the moment it hit your lips? Stop right there and get your mind out of the gutter! I'm speaking metaphorically.

You might have acquired a taste for gourmet, which is great, as long as you don't end up in the poorhouse. It's always a problem when you have expensive champagne taste and a deep beer pocketbook. Perhaps you've developed a sweet tooth for those "guilty pleasures", you know the junk that is bad for you and in the long run will only do a number on your heart. You need to find a healthy balance without the sacrifice. Until you find what really wets your whistle, DIG IN!!


Whoever said being a picky eater was a bad thing? Men always want to have their cake and eat it, too. So listen up ladies, before you allow them to jump the line and head straight for dessert, get your fair share of taste testing first! Enjoy taking a bite out of a few appetizers on your plate.

It's okay if the person you were initially vibing with turns out to just not be your cup of tea. If no one seems to tickle your fancy during this stage of mixing and mingling, excuse yourself and check out what's cooking for the main course.

Keep in mind sometimes those hunger pains can be a little deceitful. You may think you're love deprived, but eventually find yourself sick to your stomach from overindulging! Mom always said, slow down and pace yourself.

All in all when you have a buffet with numerous selections, give your taste buds some time to decide before you get hooked on a new favorite dish!

 Do you have a dating dilemma?  Send Stephanie and Matt your story and questions and you may be featured on the next installment of Save the Date.

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