Lou Barletta, Running for U.S. Senate for Pennsylvania in the 2018 Midterm Elections

Lou Barletta

Office Sought: U.S. Senate, representing Pennsylvania

Political Party: Republican

Age: 62

Career: Owner, line-painting business; congressman; former mayor of Hazelton

Campaign Website:

No. of Tweets: 1,493

No. of Facebook followers: 40,441

Biography: Barletta, 62, has served two terms in Congress after a long stint as a conservative mayor of Hazleton outside Wilkes-Barre. His tough local anti-immigration policies during that time has made him a favorite of President Trump.

On the Issues: 

Taxpayer Money
"As Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management, Lou has saved taxpayers nearly $4 billion by implementing a policy to move federal agencies into smaller spaces, cutting waste, and forcing them to negotiate long-term leases. Lou has also supported a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to help get America’s fiscal house in order."

Volunteer Firefighters and First Responders
"Lou successfully led the push to exempt volunteer firefighters and first responders from Obamacare’s Employer Mandate, which would have forced fire departments across Pennsylvania and the United States to close. For his efforts, Lou received the National Volunteer Fire Council’s “Legislator of the Year” Award."

Illegal Immigration
"Lou led the fight in the House against President Obama’s executive amnesty; continually introduced and advocated for legislation to cut off all federal funding to sanctuary cities; introduced legislation to make overstaying a visa a criminal offense; and co-sponsored legislation to levy a two percent fee on wire transfers sent south of our border and use that revenue to pay for the southern border wall."

The Opioid Crisis
"Lou has made combating drug addiction and abuse one of his top priorities. Lou has repeatedly voted to support increased opioid overdose prevention and monitoring efforts, as well as efforts to stop the flow of drugs into our country. Lou was one of only 35 House members to serve on a conference committee with the Senate to negotiate comprehensive legislation addressing our nation’s heroin and opioid crisis. That bill, which was signed into law, included Lou’s legislation protecting babies born addicted to drugs."

"Lou introduced, and passed through the House, legislation requiring the federal government to verify a person’s eligibility for health care tax credits before the money goes out the door, a loophole that allowed $750 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies to go to more than 500,000 people who did not qualify for those benefits."

"Lou has a 100 percent voting record from the National Right to Life and has been endorsed for the United State Senate by Lou has consistently co-sponsored and voted for legislation protecting the sanctity of life, including: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, banning abortions after 20 weeks; the Defund Planned Parenthood Act, which denies funding to the nation’s largest abortion provider; the Life at Conception Act; and the Heartbeat Protection Act, among others. Lou supports the restoration of legal protection for innocent human life and opposes the efforts of some to increase or expand the protection or establishment of legal euthanasia, abortion, and human cloning."

After-School Programs
"Lou was the only member of the House of Representatives, from either party, to receive the Congressional Voice for Children Award from the National Parent Teacher Association for his work in support of after-school programs, such as the successful SHINE (Schools and Homes in Education) program in Carbon, Luzerne, and Schuylkill counties. Lou worked across the aisle with Democratic state Sen. John Yudichak to expand the SHINE after-school program to Luzerne County and rescued federal funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program, which provides half of SHINE’s funding."

Gun Rights
"As a gun owner, Lou supports law-abiding Americans’ 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He continues to support common-sense measures to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. He supported common-sense measures like the Fix NICS bill and President Trump’s action against bump stocks."

Job Programs
"A former small business owner in the road construction industry, Lou understands the need to train our workers with the skills necessary to fill in-demand, family-sustaining jobs. As a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Lou has helped to shape vital legislation providing support for career and technical education programs. Lou will continue to champion the trades as a way to bridge the skills gap in our workforce and provide a pathway forward for our nation in an increasingly globally competitive economy."

Israel and the Jewish Community
"Lou has fought for American victims of terror attacks by the Palestinian Authority; led efforts to fund Homeland Security grants for non-profit organizations; authorized legislation making synagogues and churches are eligible for disaster assistance funding; and urged the Department of Homeland Security to investigate bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers. Lou also supported bills to condemn terrorist attacks and hostility toward Israel; punish Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas; prohibit U.S. taxpayer assistance to the Palestinian Authority until they stop rewarding terrorists and their families when they kill Israelis and Americans; and, provide U.S. foreign assistance to Israel, particularly the annual security assistance funding, including support for Iron Dome and David's Sling. He remains an outspoken opponent of the Iran Deal."

Global Trade
"Lou has consistently fought to ensure that American products are sold around the world in a competitive market, with a level playing field that protects American jobs. Lou opposed the flawed Trans-Pacific Partnership and praised President Trump’s decision to pull out of it. He also fought to include protections for American workers as part of the Trade Promotion Authority Act, which allows the United States to compete with countries like China to sell our products around the world. Lou made sure that the final agreement prevented foreign workers from taking American jobs, took strong action to stop currency manipulation, and ensured that America would go after countries that cheat."


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