Losing Your Religion?

Tria offers a whole new kind of Sunday school

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Sunday school… the words church-going children everywhere usually dread. Instead of lying around in PJs watching TV all day, you were forced to put on uncomfortable clothing, be on your best behavior and listen to an adult drone on and on. Wasn't going to school Monday through Friday enough?

Tria hopes to exorcise you of all the negative connotations of the phrase by offering their own kind of Sunday school. Every week, the café spotlights one beer, one wine and one cheese and offers tastings at half-price (there's a limit one of each per customer so there's no worry about succumbing to gluttony). It's D-Y-I learning at its best -- where your taste buds do the work, not your ears. Now that's the kind of lesson I can really get behind!

Not only will you be expanding your knowledge of the finer things in life, you'll be expanding your palate as well. Doesn't that feed your soul as well?

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