Lock It Up: Record Setting Year for Car Thefts

For Carol Mulschlitz it’s happened more than once her husband’s car was parked on the street and broken.

No surprise -- both times the stuff inside was gone.

"Cassette’s taken, loose change in the car -- this has happened quite frequently around here, said Mulschlitz.

In fact it's been a record year for vehicle break-ins in Bethlehem, Pa., according to police. More than 650 reports have been filed from car and truck owners.

The loot: CDs, laptops, iPods and even a guitar -- all stolen.  And, it's happening in every single section of Bethlehem.

"We have made arrests but unfortunately it hasn’t stemmed the tide," said Bethlehem Police commissioner Randy Miller.

Break-ins are skyrocketing partly because of one highly sought after item that's an easy target for roving thieves to spot.

"It seems almost every report or every other report has a navigation system stolen... You can drive by and see that big suction cup on windshield so they know," said Miller.

Owners make it easy for thieves -- by either not locking their vehicles -- or leaving electronics like GPS units out in plain sight, said miller.

It's gotten so bad that police have plastered the city with posters in hopes that drivers will wise up.

"Put it in your trunk where it's locked up... that way they’ll walk by your car," said Miller.

Mulschlitz took the police advice but became a victim anyway. "Its very frustrating," she said.

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