Local Journalist Victim of Hit and Run

A hit and run accident Friday night has left a local journalist in critical condition, fighting for his life.

Brian Hickey lies in a hospital bed Monday morning in a medically induced coma with limited mobility suffering from a fractured spine and a swollen brain after someone hit him a block away from the train station he was walking to in Collingswood, N.J.. The driver then sped off.

”Brian's dreams will never come true because of that person,” Brian’s wife, Angela Hickey, told NBC 10’s Jillian Mele.

Angela tells us she panicked when 2:00 am Saturday morning rolled around and she still had not heard from him.

Brian’s friend, Thomas Mcguire, was with him on Friday. They parted ways before Brian went to catch the train.

”We were out for a couple hours, talked about the holidays and we had a great time,” McGuire said.
It was a great time that ended in the worst way possible. And, now leaves the writer’s friends and family relying on hope in the hospital.

All they can do is pray the driver of that car is caught. Right now, police say they don’t have a clue.

”I just want my son to get better. The driver has to live with himself,” Brian’s father, Dan Hickey said.

”You can't leave people like that--it will be on your conscious for the rest of your life,” McGuire added.

Hickey has been doing freelance work for Philly.com, Philadelphia Weekly and the Metro.

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