Local Farmers' Markets Schedule

It's getting to be that time of year when our region starts producing fruits and veggies, and many of the local farmers' markets in the area will be opening in early May. We thought this would be a perfect time to list these bastions of fantastic local produce, and when they will be opening to the public. We have a fairly small window when our climate allows for outdoor growing, so be ready from day one, dear readers.

While we love our gourmet shops like Green Aisle Grocery and Almanac, who do their best to get us top-notch produce all year round, each of these farmers' markets bring vendors that make life easier for the home cook and locavore-obsessed.

Headhouse Farmers' Market
2nd and Lombard Streets
Sat. and Sun. 10AM - 2PM - Opens May 2

Broad and South Farmers' Market
Broad and South Streets
Wed. 2PM - 7PM - Opens May 26

Schuylkill River Park Farmers' Market
25th and Spruce Streets
Wed. 3PM - 7PM - Opens May 19

Fairmount Farmers' Market
22nd and Fairmount Avenue
Thurs. 3PM - 7PM - Opens May 6

Overbrook Farmers' Market
63rd and Sherwood Streets
Sat. 9AM - 1PM - Opens May 29

Mt. Airy Farmers' Market
Germantown Avenue and Allens Lane
Tues. 3PM - 7PM - Opens May 25

Rittenhouse Market
18th and Walnut Streets
Sat. 9:30AM - 3PM - Open Now, Extended Hours in Early May

Chestnut Hill Growers' Market
Winston Road and Germantown Avenue
Sat. 10AM - 12:30PM - Opens April 30

Germantown Farmers' Market
Germantown Avenue and Walnut Lane
Fri. 2PM - 6PM - Opens May 28

Piazza Farmers' Market
969 North 2nd Street
Sat. 10AM - 3PM - All Year
Sun. 10AM - 3PM - Early May

Fountain Farmers' Market
East Passyunk Avenue at 11th and Tasker Streets
Wed. 3PM - 7PM - Open Now

Love Park Farmers' Market
15th Street and JFK Boulevard
Wed. 11AM - 3PM - Open Now

South and Passyunk Market
Passyunk Avenue at South Street
Tues. 2:30 PM - 7PM - Opens Early May

Friday Farmers' Market at The Radian
40th and Walnut Streets
Fri. 11AM - 3PM - Opens August 23

Fitler Square Farmers' Market
23rd and Pine Streets
Sat. 9AM - 1PM - Open Year Round

Clark Park Farmers' Market
43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue
Sat. 10AM - 2PM - Open Now

Manayunk Farmers' Market
Canal View Park
Sat. 10AM - 2PM - Opens Early May

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