Local Costume Designer on DWTS

Amanda Wolff, a costume apprentice at the Walnut Street Theatre, has become a final contender in a costume design contest for America's favorite guilty pleasure, Dancing With the Stars. The 22-year-old Dresher, PA, native entered the public contest at her mom's urging, and was pleasantly surprised to find herself among the contest's top five finalists.

With a predetermined dance (the pasodoble) and song (Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance") in mind, Wolff sketched coordinating costumes for a male and female dance duo. The final design evokes the drama and passion of the pasodoble dance, while the provocative, sexy cut of the costumes is a perfect fit for Gaga's popular pop song.

If Wolff wins the contest, her design will be worn by Dancing With the Stars contestants later in the season. To vote, follow this link; voting ends tonight, November 3, at midnight.

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Photo Credit: ABC.com

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