Just Say Boom

Chiara Lattanzio

Give it up for Philly’s vibrant cultural scene which will be shining a spotlight on some local artists on June 23 for “Just Say Boom."

Check out the art exhibition from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. then cut a rug into the early morning.

The second of its kind to hit Philly, “Just Say Boom” will take place at local hotspot Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge.

"Just Say Boom” is the first art show for Silk City, a retro eatery that morphs into a club at night.

What is drawing locals to this arts-music-food fest on a Wednesday night?

The show will feature Philly native, Chiara Lattanzio, a well-traveled and talented mixed-media artist who has also tried her hand at fisheye-lens photography.

Lattanzio has been raising eyebrows for her explosively colorful, multilayered creations which feature oils, enamels, paint, markers, pastels, and even epoxy.

Yes, epoxy, as in the industrial laminate. Didn’t we say this would be a cool show?

Additionally, the show will feature the stunning, evocative photography of Philly resident Dan Wecal.

Wecal’s pieces will feature light-filled scenes from life in Venice Beach, C.A.

Not to be outdone by the art, established local DJs Brian B and FredEx will be providing the music.

You might want to bring your wallet -- all the art is for sale.

Silk City is located on 5th and Spring Garden St., Philadelphia.

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