Little Saigon

My curiosity for Little Saigon was peaked a few weeks ago when a friend brought some Spring Rolls over for us to munch on while watching a movie. I had heard about this place from many people, just never got up the motivation to trek to 69th Street in Upper Darby.

Last night, however, my craving for these Cha Gio (spring rolls) could no longer be ignored. A friend and I arrived around 7 p.m. to a full dining room (something I consider a small feat for a Tuesday night in Delaware County). Thankfully, there was a table open and we were promptly seated. We knew we were in for a delicious meal because there were actually Vietnamese customers eating dinner (you know it’s going to be good when people of the same ethnicity as the food are eating it).

As you may have guessed, we started off with an appetizer of Cha Gio. They are served with cold vegetables and a tangy, sweet Cajun dipping sauce. One order is more than enough to share. With so much to choose from for our meals (the menu is in Vietnamese with English translation underneath) and after many questions directed at our personable, happy, and knowledgeable server (he was also the owner) we had made our decision. I ordered the Tom, Bo,Ga hay Heo xao Rau Thap Cam, also known as saut�ed beef with mixed veggies. The meat was tender, flavorful, and fresh. It was served with white rice and a salad with a ginger dressing. My friend ordered the Com Chien (Ga Tom, Bo hay Xa Clu, fried rice with shrimp, although you can also get it with chicken or pork. The rice came out piping hot and again, very, very fresh. Nothing like the fried rice you get at your local Chinese delivery place.

What really impressed me about Little Saigon, besides it being the most delicious Asian food that has ever touched my lips, was the staff’s willingness to keep their customers happy. When our orders were taken, I let my server know that I would need 2 orders of Spring Rolls to go before we left. As we were finishing up, he brought us the check and the Spring Rolls, without me having to remind him. Very impressive, not to mention our whole bill only came to $35.

So whether you live in the City, Delaware County, or Montgomery County, Little Saigon will make the travel well worth it. I can’t possibly talk this place up anymore, just GO!

Little Saigon
113 Fairfield Ave.
Upper Darby, PA 19082

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