“Little Shop of Horrors” Is Right Around The Corner

Come support your local theater companies

Whether you are in South Jersey or Philly come out and enjoy the "Little Shop of Horrors" just in time for Halloween.

The musical about a mysterious plant with a very unique appetite -- let's just say it fits nicely with the recent vampire obsession -- is being reincarnated on local stages.

If you are in Jersey, head to the Broadway Theatre of Pitman to see the show, beginning Sept. 18 and running until Oct. 10. Tickets are just 25 bucks.

If you are in Pa., Theatre Horizon and one of Philadelphia's hottest young companies -- 11th Hour Theatre Company -- have teamed up to bring you their version of this cult-classic.

The theater is located at 208 DeKalb St. in Norristown, Pa. Tickets are $18 for students, $22 for seniors and $25 for everyone else. Saturday nights the prices get bumped up a little because let's be honest -- it's Saturday night.

The show started Sept. 11 and will run until Oct. 4. After that, you'll be able to see it in downtown Philly from Nov. 27 to Dec. 20.

So wherever you may reside, make "Little Shop of Horrors" your next night out. You're guaranteed to be entertained by blood-sucking plants and creepy characters. And you'll be helping support the local economy.

Killing two birds with one stone? I think so. 

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