Liquid Sour Patch Kids for Adults

Devil's Den hosts the 3rd Annual Pucker Up! Sourfest starting this Saturday, August 13, at noon and continuing until August 19. We here at The Feast are suckers for sour beers, even going so far as to get a tattoo of our favorite brewery's logo.

Sadly, sours—while not terribly hard to come by here in Philly—are still some of the rarest and most expensive beers on the market. Devil's Den will not only be featuring household names such as Cantillon, Rodenbach Grand Cru and Russian River Consecration, but also a few names you'd only hear at a homebrewer's club meeting. They're even breaking out some super rare collaborations between American and Belgian brewers.

On the eating side of things, Devil's Den has prepared a special menu for the week that includes pan roasted duck breast with cherry gastrique, pork cheeks with pan fried noodles, and a lobster salad with Jersey tomatoes, all properly paired with your selected sour. [The Feast]

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