Larry Mendte Pleads Guilty to Hacking into Lane's E-Mail

Former CBS 3 anchorman Larry Mendte pleaded guilty in federal court to hacking into his former co-anchor's computer.

Mendte admitted accessing Alycia Lane's home computer more than 500 times this year.

Prosecutors said Mendte used some of Lane's personal e-mail to publicly embarrass her. Investigators confiscated Mendte's home and office computers back in May.

"The text of those e-mails was found on Mr. Mendte's computer and ended up in the After 6 gossip section of the New York Daily News," Michael Levy, assistant U.S. attorney.

Mendte admitted to trying to sabotage Lane's New York criminal case. Lane was arrested on charges that she allegedly assaulted a New York police officer in December 2007.

"Mr. Mendte was reading the e-mail between herself and her attorneys about this New York criminal case and leaking them to the
press," Levy said.

Levy said he believes Mendte mailed an anonymous letter to the New York district attorney calling Lane a liar.

"The anonymous letter said, 'Don't believe her when she says she does community service. She only does it when she's forced to do it,'" Levy said.

Mendte is scheduled to be sentenced in November. He is expected to get between zero to six months in jail.

Several of Mendte's friends and relatives attended the hearing.

"I love him," said Marilyn Mendte, his sister. "He's a good man and did a lot for the community."

Mendte's son also attended the hearing.

"I just hope the city doesn't forget what good he's done," the son said.

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