Lady Gaga Producer's Summer Playlist

Chicago-based producer DJ White Shadow has been a fixture on the national touring scene for years, logging dates at Lollapalooza and residencies at top clubs like Body English in Las Vegas, LA's Hyde, London's Mansion and Viceroy in Miami. Last summer, he caught the attention of pop megastar Lady Gaga and joined her in the studio to write and produce nine tracks for her third album, Born This Way. It's been a meteoric rise for the former Ohio farm boy, who cut his teeth in Detroit's underground party scene and was spinning in Tokyo clubs by the age of seventeen.

White Shadow revels in his role as a "tastemaker," manning the tables at events for Playboy, Nike, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and President Obama's '08 Presidential campaign. These days, he's a priority producer and writer with Universic Music Publishing Group, melding beats and penning lyrics for the label's top acts. In between trips to the studio, he put put together an exclusive Ultimate Summer Playlist for readers of The Feast. Check out this eclectic mix of tracks that get DJ White Shadow pumped up whether he's hitting the beach, driving through Chicago or fantasizing about an epic eighties cocktail party.

Estelle ft. Rick Ross -- Break My Heart
"This is the jam to play on the way home from the club if you have the windows (or preferably) the top down. Smooth as a bikini butt."

Radiohead -- Lotus Flower
"This is my jam. I love this whole new album. Something about Radiohead's irreverence is beautiful to me. This is a good walking though the park, hanging out on the beach cut."

Snoop Dogg ft. Gorrillaz - Sumthin Like This Night
"Illa Dilla, this song's a killer. This could be one of the greatest summer songs of the last decade. If you are a DJ and you aren't playing this in your mainstream club set, you should get slapped. Woo Hee!"

Nonstop Disco Powerpack -- Beastie Boys
"It's the Beastie Boys. It's new. It f----in rules."

Government Hooker -- Lady Gaga
"This is my favorite song off her new album. I think the whole album is great, but hey, I might be a little biased..."

Siriusmo -- Girls Rock
"I don't really know how old this song is, but i just started listening to it this spring, so it's a summer song for me. It makes me want to have a pants-off dance-off with a college cheerleading squad and then take them all out for cosmos in a white 1988 stretch towncar limo."

SebastiAn -- Embody
"I have no idea what one word of this song is saying, but it gets me super-amped. It's my "iPod while running so I don't get too fat this summer" song."

Buraka Som Sistema -- Hangover (BaBaBa)
"This song makes me want to party my face off. The video is so super-radical as well. You need to watch it."

Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go -- Cinema (Congorock Remix)
"I think this is definitely the most hype song on my list. I play this every time I DJ. The bass drop is so crazy!"

Lil B. -- Ellen Degeneres
"This the best/worst rap song of all time. Plus, he rhymes 'myspace' with 'myspace' and says 'Brang-dang-dang your girlfriend.' Thirty thousand for his show? Oh, he's so generous..."

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